U10 Blues Vs Chelsea Talent Identification Programe

Date 17 February 2018
Team U10 Blues
Opposition Chelsea Talent Identification Programe
Fixture Home
Venue Auriol Park
Start time 10:00
Result W 2 - 1
Time played Normal time
Scorers Billy Truman
Match Report

Stoneleigh 2-1 Chelsea Girls (17 Feb)

After last week’s goal-fest the Stoneleigh squad were confident they could get an all important win.

The weather finally chose to brighten up a little but the penalty spots were still about 4 foot underwater. The scene was set as Stoneleigh had edged out Chelsea earlier in the season and were looking for more of the same.

The only problem was that they were playing with three important players missing. Hannah was away. George the Rock was ill and Dusan was chilling in the real sun.

The game kicked off with Casper between the sticks. Fans Favourite Lucas was playing in an unfamiliar role of centre back but he was doing a sterling job. He was in between Billy and Salah (Jack) who were both running the wings with confidence and skill. Salah and Billy were supporting No-Nonsense Ewan in the centre and No-Nonsense was taking no prisoners and trying to smash the ball and probably the player if anyone in blue came within 10 metres of him. Up top was Alex (Kante) who showed he can literally play anywhere and put in a great performance he was supported by the poacher of Ernie who was displaying some flicks and some nice runs down the line.  Just back from holiday was AH9 who was the only player in the dugout waiting to come on and terrorise the backline. Chelsea played as they do passing it around and trying to embarrass the opposition but there was nothing embarrassing about the Stoneleigh boys they were pressing the Chelsea team and making it very difficult for the Chelsea team to pass. The first attack of the game went to Antonio Conte’s side who had a shot that was smothered by Casper. Then Billy scored.  The unlucky keeper went to kick the ball but the ball bobbled in the water filled goalmouth allowing Billy to smash home. Cue massive celebrations. It looked a little bit like this https://youtu.be/Zi8nzTjJXOI but wasn’t the only assist today that goalmouth would give. The last few minutes of the first half was dominated by Stoneleigh who were confident after the goal and were boosted by the arrival to the pitch from AH9 who was carving out chances from nothing. At the end of the first half Stoneleigh missed a good chance which was unlucky. Salah (who was showing no tiredness after last night’s party at Casper’s house) tackled the over-confident winger. Salah laid the ball of the AH9 who whipped it into Alex who just put it wide of the far post-a great move none the less.

At half time, Carlos was confident that Stoneleigh could win and so were the fans from the stand. The first action in the second half was Stoneleigh’s who created a shooting opportunity out of nowhere. Kante curled a ball to AH9 who was lurking at the back post and his shot was really well saved by the tall Chelsea keeper. Then it was Chelsea’s turn to attack and when they let a shot off the whole stadium went silent and when the ball hit the bar the crowd breathed again. Some mobile footage from the away end after the game showed maybe the ball did go nearer the back of the net than we all thought. No doubt Mia (the girl who shot) will be discussing that one with Casper & Jack when they are in class together on Monday!  Casper was then called into action when a quick ball fizzed along the ground and the Chelsea striker smashed from point blank range it was only Casper in that whole field who could of saved that. Then again Chelsea attacked and unfortunately tied the game when the ball nestled in the far corner having squirmed through that mud again. AH9 and Kante showed a bit of link up play to set AH9 through his shot was parried away and in the resulting corner Billy leapt and got the slightest of touches which caused an alert Chelsea player to knock it out. Again and again, Stoneleigh pressed until the point we though it just wasn’t our day. Most of us thought that but Salah and AH9 really didn’t and when they played a series of one-twos AH9 had a great chance. The first shot was parried out him and he smashed the rebound into the roof of the net. The home supporters and Carlos went wild. Neil just stood there and clapped trying to not be interestedJ. There was still time for Chelsea to attack but we weren’t worried after all we have No-Nonsense. The final whistle blew.

While the Chelsea team did their peculiar warm down the shouts of happy birthday rang out in the even more peculiar Stoneleigh team talk. What a win!!!

Players of note: No-Nonsense Ewan and Fans Favourite Lucas

Hawk eye

Name Squad number Position Scored Assists Cards
Aidan Hopkins Forward 1
Casper Palfreyman Goalkeeper
Ernie Kemp Midfielder
Ewan Green Midfielder
George Halliwell Defender
Lucas Pires Forward
Billy Truman Defender 1
Alex Georgiev Midfielder
Jack Winder Defender