Date 10 March 2018
Team U10 Blues
Fixture Home
Venue Auriol Park
Start time 10:15
Result W 3 - 1
Time played Normal time
Scorers Lucas Pires, Aidan Hopkins, Ernie Kemp
Match Report

Stoneleigh 3-1 Chelsea Girls (10/3/18)

We arrived at a mild Auriol expecting a good, strong performance and we definitely got one.  We were playing the Chelsea Girls again and we again expected a tight affair.

There was the infamous muddy penalty spot but generally it was a better pitch for passing.

As the game kicked off, Stoneleigh started with Casper in goal who wasn’t tested much in the first half and used the odd goal kick to put it high into the sky and created chances.  Fans Favourite Lucas and George The Rock started in a solid back two who were stopping any chance of a break for Chelsea.  Salah (Jack) and Twinkle Toes (Hannah) were playing in a classic midfield position and causing Chelsea to retreat back when they had the ball. Versatile (Billy) was playing one of his best games in the famous black and white shirt with his signature through ball realising AH9 many times. Speaking of AH9 I think I forgot to tell you he scored with pretty much his first chance as he dribbled up to the GK and smashed it in. He almost repeated it after Twinkle Toes twinkled her toes and AH9 volleyed just wide.  The bench was also looking strong with Alex Kante, Ernie The Poacher and Dusan all lined up on the sideline ready to get involved. No-Nonsense Ewan was watching the game with a big bag of popcorn and a can of coke (probably). The first half was dominated by Stoneleigh and when the subs came on it all changed dramatically for the better. Kante played in his centre midfield role completely fooling the defence of Chelsea.  Dusan held up the ball well and had a few chances to grab his first goal for Stoneleigh. The Poacher made loads of chances with his movement off the ball. Salah had a good shot from distance.  On the brink of half time, Stoneleigh were awarded a blatant penalty even though Kante smashed the ball in as the whistle went.  Fans Favourite dusted himself off and hit the ball into the bottom corner. This is how the first half drew to a close. 2-0.

Carlos said in the interval that if they kept playing the same then it could be a thrashing.

Unfortunately, the Chelsea coaches must have heard this and decided to stop Stoneleigh playing the attacking football and limit them to a few chances. The first chance after the break fell to Chelsea and before you could say “Sweeper Keeper” Casper was out to save the ball.  Then Dusan attacked he was in, this was it the first goal for Stoneleigh. Unluckily the stand- in keeper came out and narrowed the angle. This was before a second penalty was given. Maybe a tiny bit harsh from the ref but we weren’t moaning. The Poacher decided to take this one and it was a good idea as he placed the ball into the top corner. Chelsea then pressed to get a consolation goal although AH9 was still making chances at the other end.  Casper made a brilliant save were he dived low to his left and tipped it wide then followed it with a great double save. Unfortunately, the next attack is still argued about now. Was it an own goal with the ricochet off the post & Casper’s head or not? As a reporter I cannot be biased so it was a brilliant finish that never even touched Casper on the way in. A bad note to end the game on but he had won.

Carlos said to his players that they played so well and deserved the win.  Neil tried to get to get his own back on Casper so sprayed his bare chest with some cold water.  How I laughed until he decided to remind me of Monday night – Palace v Man U. (MONDAY NIGHT – NOW THAT’S JUST CROSSING THE LINE! J)

Players of note: The Poacher and Versatile

#Hawk Eye

Name Squad number Position Scored Assists Cards
Aidan Hopkins Forward 1
Casper Palfreyman Goalkeeper
Ernie Kemp Midfielder 1
George Halliwell Defender
Hannah Jones Midfielder
Lucas Pires Forward 1
Billy Truman Defender
Alex Georgiev Midfielder
Dusan Labudovic Forward
Jack Winder Defender