Date 3 February 2018
Team U10 Blues
Fixture Home
Venue Auriol Park
Start time 11:15
Result L 0 - 2
Time played Normal time
Match Report

Stoneleigh 0-2 Reigate Priory (3 Feb)

What a tight game that was.  It was a game of few chances but it was Reigate who took theirs.

As we were driving up to The Fortress we all thought about how we had never played this team before and how we really wanted (and needed) a big win.  We reached Auriol and I think we were all taken back by the temperature. It was a mix of Lapland and The Arctic put together which of course made the pitch incredibly muddy. The warm up consisted of some passes and some shots which were successful for both players and the manager.

As the game started, it was of course Stoneleigh who were winning all of the balls at the back, in the middle and up at the front. Casper started between the posts and made a few decent saves while the score was tied.  He was behind “The Rock” - George - who was winning tackles, 50/50 challenges and even headers.  Our defensive midfielder was Ewan who was tackling with so much power I was scared he was going to end their no.5’s career.  He was lined up in between Jack (who was playing through balls to Aidan and taking some dangerous corners which unfortunately no one in a white shirt could get their head on) and Hannah on the right wing who was attacking successfully against a boy twice her size and she was up for the task. Watching Hannah over the last few years I have seen that she takes whatever she gets and she relishes each and every challenge.  She has tried every task ... except one (blog next week Hannah?)   In front of them was Lucas who was firing his trademark long shots just over the bar.  AH9 was holding up the ball well and looking for runners to release the ball to and find space in the box for crosses. Billy, Dusan and Kante (Alex) were ready to come on. Ernie was the player being rested but again I am sure he was tuning in on Sky or 5Live. For some reason, Talk Sport dropped us for this week.   Stoneleigh were stopping Reigate play either through great defensive play, tackles or with the favoured shoelace trick stopped only by Neil and Carlos polite shouts of “Get up”. AH9 and Lucas were testing the Reigate backline with their range of skills. Then a Reigate player smashed a ball into the box which hit a brave Stoneleigh defender but flew into the goal. The subs were used and they were all flying. Billy was constantly blocking shots and playing balls forward. Dusan was playing really well up front and was unlucky when his well placed shot was well saved by the Reigate keeper. Kante of course was doing what Kante does and going and winning every ball on the field. That was half time

The second half kicked off with Stoneleigh attacking and constantly in Reigate’s half. Reigate were forced to bring all 7 players to the back on the Auriol field .The Rock was showing his presence in the air and winning everything that ever went on the floor.  When it was Reigate’s time to attack they were stopped with a string of world class saves by Cas.  Dusan was leaving the Reigate defenders guessing where he had gone when he dribbled around them and AH9 was quick to beat each defender to the ball before looking for support. At the other end a few minutes later, a corner was whipped in from Reigate and pin balled around the six yard box before being kneed in, by their defender. As this unfolded, Casper decided to check the sturdiness of the post. Post  1 Casper  0. That’s pretty much how it ended.  Carlos said that they needed to keep their heads up and don’t worry about the result. Worry about your performance

Players of note: Ewan, George the Rock and the post for sorting out Cas

Stoneleigh’s new blogger (I’ll get a new name soon)

Fin Palfreyman

Name Squad number Position Scored Assists Cards
Aidan Hopkins Forward
Casper Palfreyman Goalkeeper
Ewan Green Midfielder
George Halliwell Defender
Hannah Jones Midfielder
Lucas Pires Forward
Billy Truman Defender
Alex Georgiev Midfielder
Dusan Labudovic Forward
Jack Winder Defender